Media Services

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”– B.B


Brief Summary

Our success story of offering innovative media solutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain through the years is proof that the productive services and efficient results we strive to achieve, pushes boundaries and innovatively bring campaigns to life.

We simplify your search for advertising needs with our wide variety of services including outdoor, indoor, publication, online advertising and scaffolding facilities.


Kingdom of Bahrain


Rooftops billboards

Rooftop billboards are quite famous in the Kingdom because they draw attention due to their vast size and larger than life imagery and projection.


Unipoles are a great advertising option as they fetch many eyeballs due to their appropriate height.


Hoarding is a form of outdoor advertising structure that can be usually seen in high-traffic areas like along busy roads. They present large advertisements to both the pedestrians and drivers.

Building Wraps

Building covering is a form of wrap advertising practice where a structure is completely or partially wrapped in an advertisement using perforated vinyl. This form of publicity has a greater impact on the audience.

PrismaVision Billboards

These type of billboards are quite famous in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The surface is divided into vertical strips, where each strips rotates on a timely schedule. This particular form of advertising is known to accommodate more than 2 advertisers at once.

Mobile App Media

Encyclomedia is the media exclusive partner for all digital media & restaurants subscription of foodir App, the leading and comprehensive Mobile App directory of restaurants and cafes.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Digital media

Digital media involves leasing ad-spaceson the website’s homepage, banner space, leader board, sponsor links, as well as providing clients with the option of medium and vertical ad spaces.


Lampposts are often appreciated because they allow conveying simple and direct messages, thus creating a greater impact on the target audience.


Megacoms are considered to be the most popular and cost-effective outdoor advertising solution.

Mupi Street

MUPI advertising is a form of outdoor advertising that you may normally see on the streets either on divider platforms or next to bus stops. The advertising world often refer to MUPIs as ‘street furniture’.

Mupi Fuel

The outdoor advertising panels that you can find and locate at fuel stations. Some MUPI advertising start from ground level.

United Arab Emirates

Backlit bridges

Backlit banners on bridges utilises light to spread your message and at the same time add a clear definition to your printed ad.

Bridge Banners

These are banners that can be found on bridges. Advertising in this way ensure maximum visibility by the ongoing traffic.


Flags are an effective choice of banner advertising as it draws attention to your business/ promoted service or brand through the strategic positioning leading to maximum attraction of customers.

Backlit rooftops

Nothing appeals a customer more than viewing a creative bannerpackedwith colours and highlighted by backlight on rooftops, to help make viewing easy from a distance.

Window graphics

Window graphics serves as a same concept to that of tower wrapping. In this case, each glass window provides the perfect canvas to market your company’s products and services.

Wall mounted back lit banners

Wall mounted back-lit banners is anchored to the wall andilluminates the message to your target customers.

Backlit Unipoles

Backlit unipoles are lit up advertising sign boards or frame structures normally mounted on a single pole.