About Us

A Little About Us

“Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.” – M.H

Established in 2007, we have earned a reputable name in the business of outdoor and digital media services with over 71 major locations across Bahrain. Our growing product innovation makes outdoor media campaigns key across the Kingdom.

We are the pioneers who convert an exhilarating advertisement, focusing on capturing and captivating the target market into an engagement and eventually a sale. Ever since our inception, Encyclomedia Bahrain has been serving clients with effective signage and hoarding spaces that solely focus on engaging with people.

The Out-of-Home Professionals

In today’s world of thriving competition, we continue investing in audience research to ensure that you have the best and most effective exposure to reach your selected audience. .

With an edge in creative media solutions, Encyclomedia ensures a distinct and vibrant exposure and customer impact by purposefully positioned ad-spaces at roadsides, urban, traditional and fast-moving environments.Being in the business for almost a decade, Encyclomedia has gained loyalty and trust from a wide-range of clients. With being efficient, we help give your brand the maximum exposure with an encompassing package..

Our brand tagline, “Your Reliable Media Partner”, truly reflects the dedicated assistance and services we provide to our clients.

Mission & Vision Statement

  • To be the trusted outdoor advertising arm with customized solutions, for any business need.
  • To provide clients with authentic, creative, and freshadvertising opportunities.
  • To strengthen networksto benefit stakeholders and clients
  • To create effective long term partnerships

Our established media househighly valuesintegrity and ethics, and strives to be a responsible member to the community we serve in. We believe in addressing the rising challenges which affect daily lives, in order to influence a greater societal change. Our support extends by collaborating with various local and national organisations as they can and do make a difference in the different communities.